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Magdalena Salner, *1987, lives and works in Vienna

The artistic focus of Magdalena Salner is on moving images. Her interest lies in the creation of the form in time. Rhythm and tempo play an important role in the image, such as the composition of the picture and the camera work itself. In her work she deals intensively with the conflict between the meaning and the power, which is attached to the images, and the actual void of the images. The artworks that arise from this background provoke the viewer to question his or her perception of the moving image. The immersive aesthetics and the manipulation of the material plays a crucial part in her artworks. Magdalena's artworks consist of experimental short films, room filling video installations, experimental 3D films and music videos.


Together with Manuel Baumer she founded the collective F.A.T. - form art time. The collective focuses on time-based art and its procedural form in the various disciplines.


- Untitled [Passacaglia]: Aus der Werkstatt I, Galerie Hinten, Chemnitz, 2022


- Untitled [\Requiem]: This_Place_ment_, Das LOT, Vienna, 2021

- InBetween: Soft Opening, raumen, Vienna, 2021

- One minute a day: corona.bedingt, Onlineausstellung, 2021

- Atemnot: Diplomshowing, Universität für Angewandte Kunst, Vienna, 2019

- Outlines Expanded: Exist, Burggasse 98, Vienna, 2018


- Die Vertrauten: Die Gastgeber kehren zurück, Ve.sch, Vienna, 2018

- Outlines Expanded: Essence, Alte Post, Vienna, 2017

- Outlines Expanded: Bitoresc, Heiligenkreutzerhof, Vienna, 2017

- Untitled [Statische Exposition]: Es ist die Geschichte dieser Welt,  perlimpinpin, Vienna, 2016

- Noiserail: Transducing the City, Heiligenkreuzerhof, Vienna, 2015

- watching watching Shahab: Premieren Tage, Bäckerei, Innsbruck, 2013

- Bubbles: “Chibolét? Schibole... Gibolé!”, Morrison Club, Vienna, 2013

- Drops: Wenn du das noch einmal tust, Valentin!, Palais Kabelwerk, Vienna, 2013

- Whiskey and Ammunition: gebrochene heldINNen_ broken heroINes , Kooio, Innsbruck, 2011

- Fog: Art of Media, Zeughaus, Innsbruck, 2010


- Untitled [Krenek]: Zeitimpuls23, ORF Tirol, Innsbruck/AUT, 2023

Untitled [Krenek]: Darkroom Festival, London/UK, 2023


Untitled [Passacaglia]: Stockholm Fringe Festival, Stockholm/SWE, 2023

- Blad Dracula: ONED Festival, Beijing/China, 2023

- Untitled [Krenek]: Ernte Festival, Stadl an der Mur, 2023

- Untitled [\Requiem]: DeleteTV, OktoTV, 2023

- Blad Dracula: Diametrale, Innsbruck/AUT, 2023

- Untitled [Passacaglia]: Cinema Next, Innsbruck/AUT, 2022


- Untitled [Passacaglia]: Darkroom Festival, London/UK, 2022


- Untitled [\Requiem]: TRANÅS AT THE FRINGE, Tranås/SWE, 2022

- Untitled [\Requiem]: Over the Real, Lucca/IT, 2021


- Untitled [\Requiem]: Diametrale, Innsbruck/AT, 2020

- Chocolate flavored red wine: Cinema Next, Innsbruck/AT, 2018

- Untitled [Statische Exposition]: Diametrale, Innsbruck/AT, 2017

- Outlines: Medienwerkstatt, Vienna/AT, 2016

- Outlines: Freies Theater, Innsbruck/AT, 2015

- Whiskey and Ammunition: movie challenge, Imst, 2012


- graduated with high honors at the University of Applied Arts Vienna – Department Digital Arts

- Medienkolleg Innsbruck, main subject video production

Awards and grands

2022 Pixel, Bytes + Film, BMKOES

2022 Artist in Residency at Impact Academy, Academy of Fine Arts Vienna

2022 Artist Residency at Klub Solitaer e.V., Chemnitz, DE

2021 "Ernst-Fall", Sonderstipendium Ernst Krenek Institut

2020 Arbeitsstipendium BKA

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