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Chocolate flavored red wine

music video

2 min


The music video chocolate flavored red wine combines wild sounds with glitchy images. The improvisational band opta,h from Berlin combine weird rhythms, fast changes in tempo as well as elements from funk and rock to create energetic music that constantly breaks with itself. The music video finds the appropriate form language by placing the disruption in form of the digital glitch in the foreground and constantly pushes the limits of aesthetics. The quick change of cuts picks up on the hectic pace of the music without adapting to it. The partly pixelated composition of effects and superimpositions break through the ghostly performance of the dancer. Music, performance and image design enter a powerful symbiosis that captivates the viewer on the one hand and constantly challenges their viewing and listening habits on the other.

Carina Moizi


Ottó Horváth - tb
Peter Schlewinski - dr
Thiébault Imm - gtr
Antti Virtaranta - bass


Chocolate flavored red wine has been screened at 'Cinema next' in innsbruck (2018).

video still Chocolate flavored red wine
video still Chocolate flavored red wine
video still Chocolate flavored red wine
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