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watching watching Shahab

video portrait

3:24 min


watching watching Shahab has been made within a week at the art festival

'Premieren Tage' in Innsbruck in 2013 for the closing exhibition entitled 'copy/paste'. The video portrays Shahab Nedaei, a young artist on his tour through the galleries and exhibitions of the festival, on the look-out for samples, mainly photographs, he can use to create his own art piece for the closing show.
Not only does watching watching Shahab pick up on a mere intertextual reference to the other art pieces but it arises the question of how art is perceived and reviewed. Throughout the video Shahab is being observed as well as he is interacting with the camera and keeps talking directly to the viewer while letting his thought run free. Inner and outer perspective complement each other and therefore create a layered perspective of a man dealing with art.


Shahab Nedaei

Screenings and exhibitions:

watching watching Shahab was part of the exhibition "copy/paste" at Bäckerei in Innsbruck as part of the art festival "Premieren Tage" in Innsbruck (October 2013).

video still watching watching Shahab
video still watching watching Shahab
video still watching watching Shahab
installation view watching watching Shahab
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