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Bald Dracula

360° music video

4:57 min


The 360° music video for "Blad Dracula" takes viewers on an spellbinding and absurd journey. The run-down Villa Shapira serves as the backdrop for the gloomy scenario. The vibrant visuals feature experimental and trippy effects, creating an peculiar aesthetic. A haunting voice in a foreign language seems to summon the spirit of Dracula itself. The chanting and the visuals enhance the peculier athmosphere and rip open the surroundings to a parallel realm.

Visual composition:

Magdalena Salner




Ottó Horváth, Daniel Schatz


Screenings and exhibitions:

Blad Dracula has been screened at 'Diametrale - Filmfestival für Experimentelles und Komisches' in Innsbruck in March 2023.

Blad Dracula has been screened at the filmfestival "ONED" in Beijing/China on September the 2end 2023.

Blad Dracula has been screened at BRAVÖ HITS 2023 by Cinema Next in Innsbruck in January 2024.


video still Blad Dracula
video still Blad Dracula
video still Blad Dracula
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