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experiemental 3D short

30 min


Outlines utilises 3D technology to break down the traditional linear nature of time in motion picture. Through the use of modified 3D Glasses, it is made possible to watch two completely different films at once. Visual rhythms emerge as images overlap. This interplay, coupled with randomness and momentary synchronicity, underpinned by a strong soundscape, are an important part of the viewers experience.

Outlines Expanded

video installation with 3d glasses

30 min


Outlines Expanded is the transfer of the experimental 3D short film Outlines from the usual cinema exposition into the exhibition space. A floating wall in which 57 3D glasses are installed allows the recipient to see the screened video in a different way. Not only the physical relation between recipient and installation plays an important role, but also metaphors and allusions in the film itself.

Idea and realisation:

Rafael Ludescher, Tom Marsh, Magdalena Salner



Ottó Horváth

Screenings and exhibitions:

‘Outlines’ has been screened at Freies Theater in Innsbruck (September 2015) and at Medienwerkstatt in Vienna (January 2016). The adaptation for the exhibition space 'Outlines expanded' was part of the exhibition 'Bitoresc' at Heiligenkreuzer Hof | Sala Terrena of the university of applied arts Vienna (January 2017), at the exhibition 'The Essence 17' at Alte Post in Vienna (June 2017) and at the exhibition 'Exist' at Burggasse 98 in Vienna (September 2018).

video still Outlines
Outlines_Film Still_3.jpg
video still Outlines
video still Outlines
installation view Outlines Expanded -  The Essence 17
installation view Outlines Expanded - Exist
detailed view of the backside Outlines Expanded
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