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audiovisual installation

1:45 min (loop)


Atemnot is an audiovisual installation that deals with the compression, rhythm and spatiality of moving images and sound. The sound of inhaling and exhaling and the image of rising and falling skin forms the central component. The installation consists of three hanging projection surfaces made of translucent laser gaze between which the viewer can move freely. Black-and-white images of bare skin, which is set in motion by the breath, are projected onto these screens. The sound is played in synchronism with the video images via six loudspeakers distributed laterally in the room. The sound is created by the breath and runs alternately over the loudspeakers. This creates an immersive and spatial sound field. Both the image and the sound play with the rhythm of the intensifying breathing. A modulation takes place, which develops from gentle and deep breathing to hyper ventilation. On the visual level, there is also an intensification through an optical illusion that uses the stroboscopic effect.

Screenings and exhibitions:

Atemnot has been on display at 'Diplomshowing' at the University of Applied Arts in Vienna (January 2019).

video still Atemnot
video still Atemnot
video still Atemnot
installation view Atemnot
installation view Atemnot
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